Joy Cake Shop Logo - شعار متجر فرحة كيك
Delicious typographical inspiration logo of JoyCake shop
30 May, 2016
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Symbolism of a media team
For a world-wide media team
21 February, 2016
Digital ArtDrawingIllustration
على قدر حلمك تتسع الأرض | Typography
Arabic free-style type
28 November, 2015
رسم وتصميم كتاب وغلافه
Cover and book designed and illustrated for parenting. تصميم ورسم غلاف كتاب وصفحاته الداخلية، يخص الوالدين
13 September, 2015
Graphic DesignIllustrationPrint Design
ḥarām : حَرَام‎
Religion illustration poster about Haraam (Arabic: حَرَام‎ ḥarām) (often haram) is an Arabic term meaning "forbidden", or "sacred". In Islam it is used to refer to anything that is prohibited by the faith. Its antonym is ḥalāl.
26 August, 2011
Mindfuck illustrations, that's it :)
11 December, 2012
Kids Illustrations نمط طفولي
colorful charming car
29 November, 2010
% Chair Hands On
Illustrations about chair and ladder, you can see shoes and something looks like a hand a little bit
08 April, 2012
Fine ArtsIllustration
Ice Cream بوظة
A toddler on an ice-cream
05 February, 2016
Digital ArtDrawingIllustration
Bad Car
صاخب وإجرامي سيء جداً مظلم في وضح النهار
17 November, 2010
Gog and Magog are making volcanoes to find a way!
05 February, 2014
Airport Night
aljoheri airport night poster
26 June, 2010
illustration about eye analyzer but i got some inspiration for colors and change shapes , it is just a personal work i feel so good with free works , without subject without meaning , it's just an Art and playing with vectors .
16 July, 2010
Graphic DesignIllustration
Duck Hand (T-Shirt)
t-shirts concept style with gray illustrations by Aljoheri
27 December, 2010
Graphic DesignIllustration
poor sheep
sketchy drawing of funny story about sheep and a driver.
30 November, 2012
مباني مشخصة
رسمات بسيطة رقمية انطباعية سيريالية
03 July, 2011
Do Not Read This
Nothing describe my spare time
28 May, 2013
PhotographyPrint DesignRetouching
from my sketchbook of December 2010
28 February, 2011
Islamic Posters
تصميم مطبوعات معلقة داخلية تثقيفية عن بعض اكتشافات المسلمين، تستطيع طلب نسخة من الأعمال قابلة للطباعة بالمقاس الفعلي، وطباعتها و تعليقها بشكل لائق
11 March, 2014
Editorial Design